Kick Off Revival Bad Critics

I can’t believe the bad critics of Kick Off Revival.

What’s going on with you critics? What are you thinking of? I’ve read a few reviews and I really can’t believe the rage and the anger behind the words. Some critics even try to make fun of Dini Dini’s name. Come on!!! What the hell are you doing? I’ve read terrible things, I’ve read critics saying that the game is hard to master, and their reaction is to leave something if they cannot master it… ok dude, then Kick Off, or any other challenge in your life is definitely too much for you.

We are talking about Kick Off, I don’t know any other videogame in history that had last as Kick Off. People still play Kick Off. Is still fun, after 25 years. Can you believe this? Of course it is hard to play, that’s part of its magic!

Kick Off is not for everyone, is too difficult, that’s true, and maybe in 2016 we are not used to have difficult videogames, we are consuming videogames that lasts for 20 or 30 hours of gameplay and cost 59 Euros. Kick Off gave us years of fun, and there is not a new version every year like FIFA. And every new version of FIFA or any other AAA costs a lot! Who are you supporting? Electronic Arts? The only goal of the company is to get revenue, no matter what, no matter how many DLC they put away from the original game, no matter if you get addicted because of their ‘free’ to play games psychological tricks.

This is a one man product, made almost in an craftsmanship way, at least we have to support that, and we have to be happy that in 2016 there is one man who just released a major game in a mainstream platform. Wake up! Open your eyes! I am talking to you game critics… Who are you supporting? You are writing completely unfair reviews because you don’t get the full picture, you don’t understand the concept of playability. Playability is all, did you know that?

Obviously there is a very old argue regarding Kick Off and Sensible Soccer, and I can sense a lot of Sensible Soccer fans out there who never liked Kick Off. But come on! It’s time to celebrate. I personally had much more fun with Kick Off, but both games were major hits in the 90’s and that is no reason to make fun of this game and it’s author.

There are a few things that are not taken into consideration:

This game is very difficult, it may take weeks or even months to master.

Its very fast, so the tiniest delay can affect game play considerably. Did you know that some TVs have a delay of 100ms? 100ms is a huge amount of time for games like this. Did you know that PS4 might have a lag problem with some controllers? Just saying…

Joystick or gamepad is crucial, as for old Kick Off, if you did not had your own joystick it made a substantial difference, so to get use to it with the gamepad is also a new challenge.

Back in the 90’s we played with a 4:3 14″ monitor, so the aspect ratio was quite good for a football field, but I think modern 16:9 monitors are not the best choice to play a football match in a vertical way.

Some reviewers also say that the game is not finished… ok, I can give you that, but this is a common problem with ALL modern software. Software is released with the expectation of several updates, even AAA games like GTA, or operating systems from the biggest software companies in the world. And as I said before, this is not Rockstar nor EA, this is a one man’s project that we should be proud and support, it is normal to have some minor bugs on a first release. Did you play GTA IV 1.0?

I am proud that one man can make a difference in this modern videogame industry full of DLC, free to play and a new ‘almost unchanged’ version every year of games. This game has an affordable price range, it has no DLC, no tricks, no hidden fees, its simple, and it’s hard to master, it’s made to last, and you complain because it does not have a tutorial? Come on!



Lucas Dima